I januari gick en transport åter iväg till Iasi i Rumänien. Många kom åter och hjälpte till att packa långtradaren. Leo kontaktade Anna-Lena när allt kommit fram. Åter stor gjädje i byarna att få ta emot saker som många goda människor har skänkt.

Arbete fortsatte våren och i september åkte Anna-Lena, Eva och jag, Ingrid, och hälsade på familjen Iacob. Det var en upplevelse att få åka ut till familjerna i byarna och dela ut diverse saker vi hade med oss. Vi gjorde också små påsar till alla barn i en skola med lite godis, tandborste, tandkräm och ballong. Det uppskattades verkligen.

VI hade några väldigt fina dagar och var tacksamma för det vänliga mottagandet av familjen Iacob där vi bodde i 4 dagar.


Charity for

Romanian children

In April 2008 the organisation Children of Romania started in a little village in Sweden as a result of the cooperation between Anna-Lena Lindström, Astrid Dahlgren and Ciprian Iacob. These people met during a trip to Romania and decided to do something together for the poor children of Romania, the children that doesn’t have anything at all.

The organisation will try to collect money, clothes and maybe some tools that the people in the villages around the city of Iasi will need. Ciprian Iacob are the connection in Scheia, the area in Romania where the help will be provided, and he will secure that the money, clothes, tools or whatever the organisation will send to help the children, will come in the right hands.

So, how come there is such a terrible situation in the country of Romania? The children of Romania are the big losers in the country’s situation at this point. Because of a corruption that is far spread over the country, the situation for the people is very difficult. A lot of poor people are suffering and they could hardly survive because of the lack of food and other necessary facilities. Alcohol and other drugs are often used and both adult and the children are victims and addicted to the drugs. The people in these families need help to get on their feet’s!

Ciprian Iacob says:

In 1998 we started to build our own farm in Scheia area. The problems we had encouraged us to make a farm to support ourselves and to help other people. The vision of our family is to sustain a pilot center in order to promote agricultural values with a model farm where people can learn how to live after God’s way and learn in the same time how to work. We want to give to our community a new vision. Our family wants, to be able to continue the projects that we have started as a result of the needs in the area.

The Scheia area is a poor one, exploited, and agriculture that is not sustained by the government. Scheia is a beautiful area situated at 38 km (22miles) outside the Iasi city. This rural town has 3800 people. Not many jobs are available and parents struggle to provide food, good health and education for their children. They own some land (an average person will own about 1.5 ha of land) but most of them don’t have tractors to work their land and many times they use horses or work it by hand. If they can find work, they get paid 12$ per day. Bad habits like alcohol, smoking, and wrong attitudes drive people into an "ongoing" stage of poverty too. In order to have success in taking the people out of their poverty we need to spend time with them and for them. That’s why our projects are so important, we see children that are having their heart open to learn and study so that things will change in the future for them.

By touching the children’s lives we will impact their family, the community, and the Romanian educational system in our area. We will like in the future to continue to be place where kids can come and spend a quality time reading and studying and doing their homework with our help because most of them are coming from families with parents lacking education that can not help them. This can break the cycle of poverty in this poor village of Romania. We want to be able to provide basic needs and a place where they can find spiritual as well as physical hospitality, a place where they can pour out their problems or concerns.

If you have any questions about the organisation, the projects that the organisation are working with, maybe you would like to help us in some way, or you just want to know more about something, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sara Danielsson



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Romanian Children

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